Christmas and the Snake

While we were busy wrapping gifts for Christmas, I became very intrigued to a shiny and long coil located at our main door. I turned on the light and find out that it was no cable, string or rope; it was a snake. I was surprised to see a snake because there are no nearby areas with dense vegetation. But still, this caused panic among family members even if we are not sure if the snake is venomous or not.

Luckily, the snake just stayed on the door for ten minutes. It later moved away and went elsewhere. At first I thought of killing it but my lack of knowledge on how snakes would react to an aggressive move made me think otherwise. Since I am an internet enthusiast, I immediately asked tips from Google on how to react to snakes.

The Nature of Snakes

According to some experts who have spent years observing the behavior of snakes, they are typically shy and afraid of humans. Snakes consider us more threatening so it is just natural for them to run away and flee whenever they sense men. But snakes also tend to attack people if they believe that they are being threatened and if they find themselves in a position where there is no choice but to bite back.

How to React to Snakes

So what should we do if ever we encounter a snake inside the house? Now that we know that snakes are not aggressive, we should stay calm whenever we see one. If the snake is close to us, we should move slowly or stay still. Even if the snake approaches, keep your composure and wait for the snake to move away.The same thing applies to both poisonous and non-poisonous snake. We should not give the snake a reason to fight back.

If you are far away from the snake, it is best to run away from it. Contrary to what we see in the movies, snakes do not chase people. It is also best to ask help from someone who is an expert at catching snakes if it decides to stay longer inside the house.

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