Of Posers And Dummy Accounts!

I am proud to admit that I am addicted to the most popular social media site on the planet - Facebook. With Facebook, i get to do a lot of things and this includes

1. Get to know new people
2. Get to know the latest trend in fashion and clothing
3. It keeps me up to date with the most popular songs today
4. It helps me to connect with people with whom I can relate and share my own interest
5. It helps me keep in touch with my relatives and old friends
6. I get to know cool stuff like inspirational quotes, jokes and wacky videos.

If you are an internet junky like me , then you may have heard of people pretending to be someone else. According to the Urban Dictionary, these people are called posers. A poser is someone who pretends or assumes a different identity for various reasons. But can we call people who want to protect their true identities as posers?

One thing that I don't like about social media sites is that it can't protect your privacy. Once you upload or input your personal information on the internet, you can become a target of cyber criminals or cyber bullies. Because of these threats, some people resort to using a new identity for their internet accounts to protect themselves. I call these accounts "dummy accounts" - not poser accounts.

The Difference Between Poser and Dummy Accounts

I have two Facebook accounts - one shows my true identity while the other is one is my dummy account. My main reason for using a dummy account is to be able to express my wild side. I am confined by rules at home and the office and a dummy account is my only way of expressing things that can't be said or done. My dummy account is my "alter ego". With this account, i feel free and unrestrained.

I still refuse to call my alter ego Facebook account as a poser account. A poser account is used to fool people. Some professional posers can even extort money from their victims. But if you are still using your own picture with a different name to mingle with other people on Facebook, then you should not be referred or included in the list of posers.

A dummy account can be justified because it can help you hide your secrets and your true identity. But there is a  thin line between a poser account and a dummy account. If a dummy account is used for illegal purposes such as extortion of money or swindling, then, he can be referred to as a poser.

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